July 2014 overhaul of Dirt Cheap Dumb Wireless website- over2014jly.htm

The concept of the hardware at the heart of the Dirt Cheap Dumb Wireless was taken to a nice, working, compact, SMT dual sided PCB, with basic software for the Arduino created and tested before the end of 2011.

And then a hard drive failed. And the project languished.

July 2014

Then, in July 2014, one of the project participants got a burst of energy, and an attempt was made to reverse engineer an old "version 1.0" board, with a view to creating a new PCB. "New" instance. For the moment, hopefully, just "copying" the stage we'd reached in 2011.

In the course of that, it became clear that we had a few problems with different earlier versions using different references for various elements of the design.

So, July 2014, a "line" was "drawn", and an attempt made to identify "old, dubious" material at this website, and to edit everything to move to a consistent naming regime for everything.

Thus the banner at the tops of pages saying whether a page is "fixed", "partially fixed", or "still contains confusion".

Remember that old posts at various forums may NOT be using the "post 7/14" nomenclature.

History of DCDW

From the mists of time before 2014, there are a number of significant versions which you may encounter.... These are BOARD version IDs....

I am not aware of any other boards being "out there", either in "the flesh", or in online images.

The "new" (at 7/2014) board will be called vers 2.0.xxx, with "x" varying to distinguish variants which remain mostly true to the basic "2.0" design.

You can probably just close this window, if you came to it from a different page on DCDWireless.com. Or you can go to the DCDW main index page.

Here is how you can contact this page's author, Tom Boyd.

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