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Project history

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-- 2014 Jly 9   DCDWireless.com given an overhaul, to "weed" and distinguish
                some potentially confusing inconsistencies in references to
                components and elements of the hardware design from the
                early days. Hopefully this will be a watershed, and
                consistency will reign henceforth. Hopefully. (Or, to be
                more grammatically correct, "I hope...")

-- 2014 Jly 4   A new start made! The new board to be called vers 2.0.xxx

-- Somewhere between 1/2011 and about 1/2013 Hard drive crashed, and there
                was no second copy of the CAD files for generating PCBs from
                the first version through vers 1.0 inclusive.

-- 2011 Jan 11  (11-1-11!): Software: Procedure countFrequency() coming along

-- 2011 Jan 08  About this date: First v 0.2 boards ordered, with battery
                saver feature a possibility

-- 2011 Jan 08  Further post at Arduino Forum, spreading word.

-- 2011 Jan 07  PCB prototypes v0.1 assembled and tested 2-button remote,
                started software development using hardwired connection to Arduino.

-- 2011 Jan 04  DCDWireless.com established.

-- 2011 Jan 01  Idea first suggested on Arduino Forum

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