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Dirt Cheap Dumb Wireless (DCDW) module applications

This page will list applications which have been built which use DCDW modules.

For now, I can only offer you the following (tweaked) note from The Father of DCDW, from about 2012...

"I made the data logger run at a proper interval in real time, etc. but I don't want to get side-tracked developing applications. The app I've created is to develop and demo the function countFrequency(). It can, among other things, be used with DCDW module configured for "BA single channel with ident", or one set up to log 2 sensor nodes on one RX frequency."

This application and the wiring for the above were still under development when I (page's editor) received the note. I believe both were finished successfully, but, as I think you can infer, the software has not been released for general use. However, I think you will find countFrequency() in at least one program which HAS been released.

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